Our Organic Promise

Oasis Date Gardens (ODG) has been certified organic since October of 2000

ODG's organic practices comply with the National Organic Standard, the new U.S. Federal Organic Standard, implemented in October 2002. Additionally, ODG complies with the European Organic Standards (EEC 2092/91). Quality Assurance International (QAI), an independent certifying compay, assures that ODG is in compliance with the above organic standards. QAI annually inspects, verifies and, upon compliance, issues ODG its Organic Certification for the year.

Growing Dates the Certified Organic way

The owners of Oasis Date Gardens not only believe that it is important to grow a beautiful varietal date, but also one that is rich in flavor. We believe the best way to ensure that our dates reach their full sweetness and flavor is to use natural fertilizers and let the tree ripen the date to the fullest extent possible.

Consequently, Oasis Date Gardens has adopted an organic farming approach to growing and processing their dates. In plain simple terms this means that all fertilizers are natural, such as using composted chicken litter or cover crops to enhance the nutrients of the soil rather than chemical fertilizers. Also no chemicals or pesticides are used in the gardens. Only natural elements approved under the guidelines established by the National Organic Standard.

QAI Certified Organic