Jumbo Medjool Organic Dates - 5 Lbs., 11 Lbs.

Oasis Date Gardens not only believes that it is important to grow a beautiful varietal date, but also one that is rich in flavor. We believe the best way to ensure that our dates reach their full sweetness and flavor is to use natural fertilizers and let the tree ripen the date to the fullest extent possible.
Consequently we've adopted an organic farming approach to growing and processing our dates. In plain simple terms, this means that all fertilizers are natural, such as using composted chicken litter or cover crops to enhance the nutrients of the soil rather than chemical fertilizers. Also no chemicals or pesticides are used in the gardens. Only natural elements approved under the guidelines established by the National Organic Standard.
THE MEDJOOL DATE has often been referred to as the “perfect date.” A relatively recent importation, the Medjool got its start in the United States from a nucleus of eleven offshoots, secured in 1927 from the Bou Denib oasis in French Morocco by Dr. Walter T. Swingle of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Once one of the choicest dates in the Mediterranean area, it has now all but disappeared from their market due to the ravages of the dread Baioudh disease. It had been especially prized in Spain and, for centuries after the Arab occupation, Spaniards sent carefully packed boxes of Medjools to their friends as Christmas gifts. But for Dr. Swingle’s timely importation, the Medjool might have been lost to the world forever. The offshoots, which he brought to the U.S., were thought to be disease free, but were nonetheless planted for a number of years in an isolated quarantine station at South Point, Nevada, and later moved to the U.S. Government Experiment Station at Indio. So, from this small start the entire supply of Medjool palms in this country was developed. You will understand therefore that it really is a very special variety. Besides being large and beautiful, the quality is excellent - it is soft and delicious and it ships and keeps well. The JUMBO variety is the biggest in size.


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