Large Medjool Organic Dates - 5 Lbs., 11 Lbs.

THE MEDJOOL DATE is widely considered to be the finest of all date varieties and much larger than other types of dates. It is sweet, creamy, moist, meaty, and firm in texture
All grades of Medjool dates are large and delicious. Jumbo and Large are superb grades and the Premium Medjool consists of mixed sizes and some skin imperfections.
Medjool Dates - Grade Description
Jumbo    17 or LessBiggest in size. Skin separation 0-10%.
Large    17-22Large dates but slightly smaller than Jumbo. Skin separation 0-10%
Premium    30 or LessHigher percentage of skin separation – 0% to 25%. May containt small dates with minimal skin separation. 
Value    30 or LessHigher percentage of skin separation – 25% to 50%
Grind    All SizesThis grade typically has the required moisture content but may not have enough pulp, may be too small or is otherwise damaged but maintains wholesomeness. 
 Moisture Content: Range of 18-24%
 Dates/lb: Average amount of dates in one pound.
 Skin Separation: Skin of the date separates from the pulp of the fruit.
 Please Note: Subject to change from harvest to harvest based on natural growing conditions.
 - Product packaging and materials may be different than what is shown on our website. 


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