Jewels of the Desert

Dates - an old world institution...

...evolving into the new world. Dates may very well be man's earliest cultivated fruit certainly, they have been the staff of life to many people living in Western Asia and Northern Africa for thousands of years. The average tree can reach seventy to eighty feet high and begins bearing fruit when it is about seven years old. The tree may go on producing fruit for well over 100 years, some say as much as 200 years.

So valuable are the trees in many parts of the Old World that they pass as wealth from father to son and may even form a daughter's dowry. Since these ancient beginnings, dates have been a significant source of nutrition. Today, dates are Palms labeled by many as a superfood; a fresh, natural whole fruit that offers every body valuable nutrients and pure sweetness. Versatile with many sweet and savory foods, dates are a perfect natural alternative to added sugars.

California dates have grown in the desert oasis of the Coachella Valley of southern California for more than a century. A place where date palms flourish in high summer temperatures and low humidity with minimal rainfall during the summer and fall.

Oasis Date Gardens as been instrumental in the evolutionary process into the modern world.