Zahidi 50/50 Combos - 2.5 Lbs.

Enjoy our Golden Zahidi Dates and select one of our 5 different varieties to create your own 50/50 combo! 
- The Golden Zahidi is considered a semi- dry date. They have a firm texture with a sugary nutty flavor.
- Halawy dates are medium-sized with a light amber color. They are sweet, gooey, and is a deliciously “soft” variety,
- Barhi dates are sweet and one of the softest. The fruit is almost round and amber to mahogany brown when ripe. Its flavor has often been compared to caramel and butterscotch.
- Honey dates are naturally semi-dry and chewy. They have an excellent taste and quality, with a sweet, caramel and honey flavor.
- The Khaisab is a soft, semi-sweet, black date. It is known for its distinctive black color.-
- The Black McGill is a soft, black date with smooth, sticky skin. Its sweet, rich flavor is reminiscent of licorice.



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