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Oasis Date Gardens

Established 1912

Dates may very well be man's oldest cultivated fruit - certainly they have been the staff of life to millions of people living in Western Asia and northern Africa for many thousands of years.

The average date palm tree grows sixty or seventy feet high in the Old World and begins bearing when it is about seven years old. It may go on producing fruit for 200 years. 

The first date palms in the United States were grown from seeds planted by Franciscan and Jesuit missionaries who began founding their missions in California in 1769. 

Modern date growing, in the warm, fertile Coachella Valley is a far cry from the primitive industry still pursued in much of the Old World.

However, our dedicated farmers and production staff work tirelessly to bridge ancient wisdom and modern technology to bring the finest organic dates to our customers.

Organic Dates-Exotic Dates-Barhi Date Fruit-Dayri Date Fruit-Halawy Date Fruit-Honey Date Fruit

Barhi - Dayri - Halawy - Honey

Barhi: As one of our softest, creamiest of our organic date fruit, the delicious Barhi is a popular favorite varietal. The fresh date fruit is almost round and amber to mahogany brown when ripe. The flesh is thick, soft, smooth, and translucent and the flavor is rich, and delicate. The excellent flavor of the fruit has already given the Barhi in the Coachella Valley a reputation equal to that in Basra. This is an exceptionally fine date fruit. Barhi Date's deliciously sweet flavor has earned it the nickname of the "honey ball" date; and it is also, well-known for its similarity to caramel and butterscotch flavors. Atypical Barhi dates are unique because of its fruit which has superb eating qualities in more than one stage of growing (khalal, rutab and tamar stages). Barhi Date Fruit changes color from a brilliant yellow to amber and finally to a reddish brown in the ripening process.

Dayri: Dayri date is a semi-dry date fruit from southern Iraq. Dayri are named for Dayr, a place where a convent is located. Therefore this date fruit is called "The Monastery date." Dayris have a strong flavor and are large and luxurious like the Medjool, but less sweet. Its fruit is almost black when ripe.

Halawy: Halawy means “ Sweet ”, and this date fruit lives up to the name. The Halawy variety was first introduced in 1902 from Basra, Iraq; however commercial plantings of offshoots date from the 1913 importation. In 1946, it was estimated that approximately 45 acres had been planted to this variety in California and 30 acres in Arizona, distributed among all localities where dates are grown. Halawy dates are firm and chewy with a thick but soft golden flesh. This date has a sweet, caramel-candy flavor. The Halawy date has all the health benefits dates are known for.

Honey: The Honey Date Fruit is one of the few production varieties that was popularized from a seedling started in the Coachella Valley. Similar to the Barhi, it is very creamy, with a soft, sweet texture akin to a caramel. Like Empress, Honey Dates originate from a Deglet Noor seedling that E.K. Davall planted on his property near Cathedral City, California, in 1916 or 1917. Honey dates are semi-dry and chewy with moderate skin separation and have a rich-warm honey flavor. 

Organic Dates-Exotic Dates-Black 8 Ball Date Fruit-Black Beauty Date Fruit-Black Laflin Date Fruit-Black McGill Date Fruit-Fresh Dates

Black 8 Ball - Black Beauty - Black Laflin - Black McGill

Black 8 Ball: Black 8 ball date fruit is classified as a semi-dry, black date. It is a medium-sized, roundish date fruit with a figure similar to the Barhi dates. Its exquisite taste to sweet and nutty flavor. It makes a very good cooking date.

Black BeautyThe Black Beauty is a rare, exotic, organic date fruit variety that is rich in sweetness and taste

Black Laflin: The Black Laflin is a creamy, moist, and firm date. This organic date fruit has little to no skin separation and is jet black in color, with a hint of sweetness. A one of a kind visual and taste experience.

Black McGill: Another rather rare Coachella Valley date is the Black McGill. The Black McGill dates are soft, black date fruit with smooth, moist skin. With a seedling of unknown parentage, D.E. McGill selected and propagated this variety on a ranch about 2 miles east of Mecca, California. The original palms were destroyed when the property later changed hands, but some offshoots had already been sold. In 1955 about 30 young palms were growing but not yet bearing in a planting 6 miles south of Indio, California. Today, we grow Black McGill Dates here at Oasis Date Gardens.This organic date fruit has a sweet and rich flavor with light hints of butter, reminiscent of licorice. Black McGill Date Fruit bear some resemblance to those of Khalasa.

Organic Dates-Exotic Dates-Khadrawy Date Fruit-Khaisab Date Fruit-Khalasa Date Fruit-Kway Date Fruit-Fresh Dates

Khadrawy - Khaisab - Khalasa - Kway

Khadrawy: The Khadrawy is one of the first dates to ripen in the Coachella Valley and it is distinguished by its mahogany colored soft, melting flesh. Offshoots of the Khadrawy variety were first imported in 1902 from Basra, Iraq. The importation of 1913 provided material for commercial plantings. Khadrawy plantings are more widely distributed in this country than those of any other imported variety. Khadrawy dates are mahogany in color with soft melting flesh. This organic date fruit is a perfect snacking date. The date fruit’s flavor is fig-like, mild, sweet, and smooth with a buttery aftertaste.

Khaisab: Originally from the area of the modern-day United Arab Emirates. In its native homeland, it is often consumed in the Khalal stage – that is while it is still hard and crisp before it begins to ripen and soften.The Khaisab is a soft, black date fruit. This organic date, in its native homeland, is often consumed in the Khalal stage. The Kahlal stage is when the date fruit is still hard and crisp; before it begins to ripen and soften. In this date ripening stage, it is quite sweet and slightly astringent with a striking red color. 

Khalasa: Khalasa means “ Quintessence " or " choice ”. The Khalasa variety was introduced in 1913. Offshoots were obtained from Hasa and from Oman in southeastern Arabia. However, only about a dozen palms survived and it is not known from which of the two districts they originated. From these survivors were propagated the palms found in commercial gardens in 1946 — about 200 in the Coachella Valley. The home of the Khalasa date is said to be around the town of Hofhuf in the district of Hasa. Today, Oasis Date Gardens is one of the few places this variety grows. Probably no date variety has received more lavish praise for the excellence of its fruit than the Khalasa. Here, the Khalasa is highly esteemed by those who know it.

Kway: The Kway is a semi-dry date very similar to the Thoory. Its toasty sweetness is a fun taste experience for a snack to enjoy on the go.

Organic Dates-Exotic Dates-Saidi Date Fruit-Samany Date Fruit-Thoory Date Fruit-Zahidi Date Fruit-Fresh Dates

Saidi - Samany - Thoory - Zahidi

Saidi:  Saidi, meaning " Said ” is the native name for Upper Egypt. Very popular in Libya, the Saidi was first imported from Egypt in 1901  by the United States Department of Agriculture under the name "Oga de Bedrichen.” The occurrence of the Saidi under several names in different parts of Egypt was not known until the confusion of nomenclature was finally straightened out by the many, thorough investigations. Commercial plantings of Saidi have been confined to southern California. There were an estimated to be about 130 acres in 1946. Currently, Saidi date fruit is grown here at Oasis Date Gardens.The Saidi date fruit is an exotic golden-brown date that is subtly sweet, chewy, and naturally has a softer tip than the end.

Samany: Samany Date Fruit was introduced from Egypt in 1925 by Mason Samany. This date fruit was regarded as one the finest dates of Lower Egypt. Samany Date Fruit was confined to only two areas Edku and Rashid. Currently, this varietal is grown at Oasis Date Gardens. Samani dates are medium-sized with a golden, light-brown outer skin and a deeper brown-hued pulp. The taste of this organic date fruit is satisfyingly subtle and sweet.

Thoory: Thoory was introduced in 1900 from Fougala, about 25 miles southwest of Biskra, Algeria. The variety is said to have originated at Tolga near Fougala , a date - growing center at the border of the Sahara south of the Atlas Mountains. However, most of the Thoory palms in commercial plantings are apparently traceable to a few off shoots obtained later along with the large Deglet Noor importations. In 1946 there were about 580 Thoory palms in the Coachella and Imperial Valleys. Thoory means “ The bull's date ”. Thoory date fruit is often referred to as the "bread date" because of their firm, pastry-like texture. This dry,organic date has a semi-sweet, peanut-like, nutty flavor.

Zahidi: A semi-dry date, Zahidi was introduced from northern Iraq in 1913. Zahidi accounts for about 1% of total date fruit production. The Zahidi palm is most commonly grown in the Coachella Valley. The Zahidi was first introduced in 1902 from northern Iraq. As with other varieties from that region, most of the commercial plantings are traceable to the importation of 1913. In 1946 there were 183 acres of Zahidi date fruit in California; all but 30 acres were here, in the Coachella Valley. Zahidi is the commonest variety in northern Iraq and is more widely distributed than any other variety in that country. In most of the date - growing areas around Baghdad, Zahidi constitutes more than half the total palm population. Zahidi dates mean "of a small quantity or nobility." This organic date fruit is a medium-sized, roundish date fruit, a golden color when ripe, and an excellent shipper and keeper. The reddish brown fruits ripen in mid season. This date fruit is classified as a semi-dry date with a sweet and nutty flavor.

Organic Fresh Date Product Attributes:
Certified: Organic, Halal, Kosher.
Contains no additives, no preservatives, is Non-GMO, contains no Allergens, sulfating agents, or artificial flavors are used in this product.
Medjool and Deglet Noor Dates are Certified Organic, Certified Gluten Free, and Kosher Certified and Halal Certified.

Storage and shelf life:
We recommend storing the fruit in cool refrigerated to frozen temperatures. If kept frozen, this fruit has a shelf life of up to 12 months.

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