Fresh Rhutab Medjool Dates

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What is a Rhutab Medjool Date?

Dates grow in different stages. Right before the Rhutab stage is the the Khalal stage. This is where the fruit changes from green to yellow or red, that takes 3-5 weeks to complete (maximum weight and size); and can be boiled and consumed. Before transitioning into the Rhutab the moisture content in Khalal is anywhere from 45% - 65%.

In the Rhutab stage, the medjool date fruit changes from a yellow/red to a  brown or black color. The tip of the organic date fruit starts to ripen. This stage lasts for about 2 - 4 weeks. The date fruit decreases in weight at this stage; it also becomes sweet. The moisture in this stage is usually 30% - 45%.
The Rhutab stage is only harvested and shipped in September. It is the second edible stage of medjool dates, at which the date fruit is delicate, translucent, moist, and very juicy with a luxurious, melt-in-you-mouth, texture.

How do Rhutab Medjool Dates taste?

This succulent version of the Medjool will delight your senses with a fudge-like, caramel-flavored pulp; so exquisitely soft and chewy. Not to mention the smooth, golden brown exterior to intrigue your eyes and peak your curiosity.
Growth stages of the Rhutab date.

The Farm Life of the Rhutab Medjool Date

What are the general steps for choosing Rhutab?
To choose a Rhutab Medjool, it is necessary to cross the palm in the first days of maturation of the Date fruit. The rest is using our expertise to visually check the fruit for quality and readiness.

Is there anything you like or notice when choosing Rhutab Dates?
I like everything. Rhutab is the most delicate grade and the one that announces the beginning of the harvest. Definitely a favorite.

What does the day sound and smell like when choosing Rhutab Medjool Date Fruit?
It is very pleasant. You feel the satisfaction of being able to harvest the Rhutab since its harvest time is short compared to the other harvests.

What is the most beautiful thing you can notice on the palm tree when picking up the Rhutab Medjool Dates?
How incredible the natural scenery is. That the work done was worth it.

What is done to keep soft Rhutab Date Fruit safe and sound?
Special care of the palm throughout the year is essential for the production of a soft Rhutab. To be successful and to harvest the first days of maturity, that takes a lot of preparation and steady observation.

Is there something unique about how Oasis Date Gardens chooses its Rhutab Dates?
Rhutab himself is the only one that just by looking at it you can tell whether or not there was proper dedication and care given to the palm during the year. You know that the proper steps were taken when the date palm tree gives good fruit.


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Organic Fresh Rhutab Date Product Attributes:
Certified: Organic, Halal, Kosher
Contains no additives, no preservatives, is Non-GMO, contains no Allergens, sulfating agents, or artificial flavors are used in this product
Healthy snack
Rhutab Medjool Dates are Certified Organic, Certified Gluten Free, and Kosher Certified and Halal Certified.

Storage and shelf life:
We recommend storing the fruit in cool refrigerated to frozen temperatures. If kept frozen, this fruit has a shelf life of up to 12 months.

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