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Barhi Dates


One outstanding soft date is the BARHI, introduced from Basra, Iraq, in 1913. The meaning of the name is uncertain, possibly associated with the hot summer winds (“bahr”) at Basra, supposed to have some effect on the maturity of the fruit. The fruit is almost round and amber to mahogany brown when ripe. The flesh is thick, soft, smooth, and translucent and the flavor is rich, and delicate. This is an exceptionally fine date and its deliciously sweet flavor has earned it the nickname of the “honey ball” date. Many of the Barhi grown at Oasis Date Gardens are harvested and sold in the Khalal stage of ripening. In this stage the Barhi is bright yellow and crisp like an apple, with a sweet astringency that makes it a true delicacy. 

- Also available in the Khalal stage (Yellow barhi) only in August call: 1-800-827-8017