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Large Ajwa Dates

Known as the ‘Holy Date', Ajwa dates have long held a special place within Arab tradition. With its sweet, luscious taste and raisin-like texture, this unique superfruit has been consumed in the Arabian peninsula for thousands of years, with some mentions tracing the date back as far as 4000 BC.

This superfruit, native to Madinah, Saudi Arabia, has been a famous natural remedy for civilizations throughout history, especially in the Muslim world. Repeatedly mentioned in the Quran and in prophetic medicine practice, Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) recommended a daily dose of the date in order to lead a healthy lifestyle, which has been scientifically proven today.

Ajwa dates are semi-soft, delicious, and packed with nutrients. With each mouthful, you will be consuming a high level of vitamins and antioxidants; improving digestive health, and boosting heart health, all while enjoying the sweet, creamy flavour of this delicious superfood.

In short, a gift of Ajwa is a gift for the soul - Anaya, Nourish your Soul.

Customer Reviews

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Michael Bonanno

I fell in love with these dates. They have a great, balanced flavor and are not too sweet. Easily the most versatile date variety I have come across and my first choice if I had to choose an everyday date for regular consumption. Other varieties taste amazing, but are more suitable as an occasional treat due to their strong sweetness.Rich, black color. They are nice and chewy. Not overly soft, not overly firm or tough. The moisture level in the batch I received was perfect. Some have an almost very subtle licorice type flavor that takes me by pleasant surprise, but that’s infrequent. Most just have a nice and balanced subtlety sweet flavor. I hope these remain a staple variety on Oasis Date!

Regina Bautista

My first time trying ajwa dates. I really liked it wasn’t overly sweet. Great for snacking.


Good tasting dates and fast service.

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