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Diced Dates w/Gluten Free Oat Flour

To make our healthy, ready-to-eat Diced Dates we macerate fresh dates, coat them, and run them through a dicer machine. Diced dates are ready to use in many different ways.

For those with an appetite larger than what our date crumbles can offer, we have these wonderful gluten-free fruit toppings with all-natural organic benefits!

Are dates good for you? Are dates healthy? What are the date fruit benefits?

Date Nutrition Facts:

• Dates improve the taste of foods, with notes of caramel, brown sugar, and vanilla.
• Dates add sweetness to foods without added sugars
• Contains vitamins and minerals
• Cholesterol-free food
• Natural antioxidant polyphenols
• Heart Healthy
• Equal parts fructose and glucose
• Great addition to cereals, smoothies, oatmeal, trail mix, ice cream, shakes, protein balls, energy bars, and more!

Certified: USDA Organic, Global G.A.P, Gluten-Free, Halal, Vegan, Kosher
FOOD SAFETY AWARENESS: Pit fragments and calyx may occur in Date products. Produced in a facility that processes Nuts, Tree Nuts, and Coconut.

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