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Black Laflin Dates

The Black Laflin is a creamy, moist, and firm date.  It has little to no skin separation and is jet black in color, with a hint of sweetness. A one of a kind visual and taste experience.  

This date palm tree fruit variety is grown in the Coachella Valley, USA, certified organic, and has all the health benefits of dates:
• Heart Healthy
• Adds sweetness to foods without added sugars
• Contains vitamins and minerals
• Cholesterol free food
• Good Source of fiber
• Natural antioxidant polyphenols
• 50% more potassium, by weight, than bananas
• Improve taste, texture, and consistency of food products
• Equal parts fructose and glucose
• Free of sodium
• Healthy alternative to refined sugars

Certified: USDA Organic, Global G.A.P, Gluten-Free, Halal, Vegan, Kosher

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