Bakers Pack


Bakers Pack Items:
  • Organic Diced Dates W/Gluten Free Oat Flour - 2 pounds
  • Organic Pitted Deglet Dates - 2 pounds
  • Organic Date Paste - 2 pounds

Mix up your baking game by baking with dates! Dates improve the taste and texture of baked goods, with notes of caramel, brown sugar and vanilla, yet are neutral enough that don't overpower the other flavors in recipes. Diced Dates, pitted Deglet and Medjool are a bakers' preferred choice not only for their natural sweetness...but for their health benefits that are notoriously lacking in processed sugar.

Dates are loaded with essential nutrients that have been associated with potential health benefits.

• Heart Healthy  •  Free of sodium  •  Cholesterol free food  •  Good source of fiber  •  Contain vitamins and minerals  •  Natural antioxidant polyphenols  •  Equal parts fructose and glucose  •  50% more potassium, by weight, than bananas

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