Honey Combos - 8 Selections

Select 1 of 8 varieties to include with the delicous Deglet Noor dates and create your own combo!

- HONEY dates are sweet, chewy, and its flavor has often been compared to caramel and honey.
- The KHAISAB is a soft, semi-sweet, black date. It is known for its distinctive black color.
- The BLACK MCGILL is a soft, black date with smooth, sticky skin. Its sweet, rich flavor is reminiscent of licorice. 
- DEGLET NOOR Dates are sweet and delicious. Their texture is firm and its flavor has often been compared to a sugary, malted barley.
- THOORY Dates are dry and have a firm texture. Its flavor is semi-sweet and nutty. Perfect for snacking.
PLEASE NOTE: This year's harvest of Thoory dates has been hydrated - making them smoother, yet just as delicious as ever!
- KHADRAWY Dates are mildly sweet and have a figgy-like flavor.
- The GOLDEN ZAHIDI is considered a semi-dry date. It has a firm texture with a sugary nutty flavor, often compared to peanut-butter.
- The HALAWY is a soft and gooey date.
- BARHI dates are soft with a caramel and butterscotch-like flavor.



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