Date Varieties

Oasis Date Gardens received some of the original Moroccan date offshoots in the United States. They were brought to the Coachella Valley in 1904 and have jump started the date industry in this country. Oasis Date Gardens is now the largest producer of organic dates growing 17 different date varieties.
Barhi Dates


As one of our softest, creamiest fresh dates, the delicious Barhi is a popular favorite, well-known for its similarity to caramel and butterscotch flavors. Read More

Black 8 Ball Dates

Black 8 Ball

8 ball date is classified as a semi-dry, black date. It is a medium-sized, roundish date fruit with a figurate similar to the Barhi date. Read More

Black Abbada Dates

Black Abbada

Black Abbada Dates have a thick but creamy taste, often described as the "chocolate" of the date fruit. Read More

Black Beauty Dates

Black Beauty

The Black Beauty is a rare exotic date variety, rich in sweetness and taste. Read More

Black Laflin Dates

Black Laflin

The Black Laflin is a creamy, moist, and firm date. It has little to no skin separation and is jet black in color, with a hint of sweetness. Read More

Black McGill Dates

Black McGill

The Black McGill is a soft, black date with smooth and moist skin. It has a sweet and rich flavor with light hints of butter, reminiscent of licorice. Read More

Dayri Dates


Dayri date is a semi-dry date from southern Iraq, named for Dayri, a place where a convent is located. Therefore it is called "The Monastery date." Read More

Deglet Noor Dates

Deglet Noor

Deglet Noor dates have firm flesh, about medium-sized, semi-dry, and a sugary flavor. Read More

Golden Zahidi Dates

Golden Zahidi

The Zahidi Date was introduced around the 1900's originating in northern Iraq. It is a medium-sized, roundish date fruit, a golden color when ripe, and an excellent shipper and keeper. Read More

Halawy Dates


Halawy dates are firm and chewy with a thick but soft golden flesh and sweet, caramel-candy flavor. The first Halawy offshoots imported in commercial quantity arrived in 1913 from Barsa, Iraq. Read More

Honey Dates


Honey dates are semi-dry and chewy with moderate skin separation and have a rich-warm honey flavor. This date palm tree fruit variety is USA certified organic and has all the health benefits dates are known for. Read More

Kway Dates


The Kway is a semi-dry date very similar to the Thoory. Its toasty sweetness is a fun taste experience for a snack to enjoy on the go. Read More

Khadrawy Dates


Khadrawy dates are mahogany in color with soft melting flesh. It is a perfect snacking date. Its flavor is figgy, mild, sweet, and smooth with a buttery aftertaste. Read More

Khaisab Dates


The Khaisab is a soft, black date, originally from the area of the modern-day United Arab Emirates. In its native homeland, it is often consumed while it is still hard and crisp, before it begins to ripen and soften. Read More

Khalasa Dates


Probably no date variety has received more lavish praise for the excellence of its fruit than the Khalasa. Here, the Khalasa is highly esteemed by those who know it.  Read More

Medjool Dates


The Medjool Date is widely considered to be the finest of all date varieties and much larger than other types of dates. Medjool dates are sweet, creamy, meaty, and firm in texture. Read More

Rhutab Medjool Dates

Rhutab Medjool

The Rhutab Medjool is a succulent fudgy, caramel-flavored pulp, exquisitely soft and chewy. Read More

Saidi Dates


The Saidi date is an exotic golden-brown date that is subtly sweet, chewy, and naturally has a softer tip than the end. Read More


Samani Dates


Samani fresh dates are medium-sized with a golden, light-brown outer skin and a deeper brown-hued pulp. The taste is satisfyingly subtle and sweet. Read More


Thoory Dates


Thoory dates are often referred to as the "bread date" because of their firm, pastry-like texture. This dry date has a semi-sweet, peanut-like nutty flavor. Read More


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