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With more than 3,000 acres of date palms, Woodspur Farms is the largest organic date farmer in the United States. Our 46 ranches – some centuries old – thrive in the dry heat of the Sonoran Desert between California’s Coachella Valley and Yuma, Arizona. And we’re growing: in 2015, Woodspur Farms planted more than 500 acres of new date trees – the largest single planting in history.

At Woodspur Farms, meeting the growing demand for healthy organics is our top priority.

- Organic methods applied to all of our date varietals
- 90% of our products are certified organic by CCOF and QAI
- On target to be 100% organic by 2018


Ancient Fruit, Modern Methods

From managing ranches to processing and packing in three facilities, Woodspur Farms is 100% focused on bringing our customers products that are as sustainable and safe as they are healthy and tasty.

Conscientious Crop Management

We combine ancient wisdom and modern technology to grow outstanding dates. We thin our ranches regularly, because more space between trees means more sunlight and more efficient water usage.
The results are stunning:
- Larger, fleshier and sweeter fruit
- Abundant crops each and every year
- Reduced need for water and fertilizer
- Fewer tannins, which have an unpleasant aftertaste

Water By The Drop

Here in the Southwest, water is a precious resource and Woodspur Farms aims to set the industry standard for sustainable irrigation. Luckily, date palms are well adapted to the desert climate and don’t mind getting their water by the drop. That’s why 54% of all Woodspur Farms ranches are on drip irrigation – the most water-saving irrigation method available. By 2018, every acre of our date farms will be using drip irrigation.

Packing and Processing

Woodspur Farms has three main facilities for packing and processing date products. We continually upgrade our technology and processes, investing in new equipment and looking for opportunities to innovate. Our 200+ employees are thoroughly committed to quality, safety and customer service. Our facilities are strategically located to ensure that dates get from our trees to markets worldwide as quickly as possible. As a result, we can guarantee that the millions of pounds of dates we sell each year are the best around.

As Our Dates Grow, So Do We

Woodspur Farms aims to double – or even triple – its production of conventional and organic dates within the next few years. Through successful organic farming methods, technological innovations and stewardship of the land, we strive to lead the field in performance, innovation, food safety and sustainability. Our dates are healthy and delicious, and they’re easy to incorporate into lots of different recipes. 
Oasis Date Gardens was purchased by Woodspur Farms in 2014. For more information, visit the Woodspur Farms website.

Learn more at www.woodspurfarming.com

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