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Our Ranch Store

A visit to the Oasis Date Gardens Ranch Store isn't just a buying experience, but a cultural experience.

Oasis Date GardensIn a small screening room, a film on the history of date palm trees loops regularly, describing their arrival from the Middle East and how they've come to survive and thrive here, half a world away.

At our cafe, you'll be able to taste test 16 varieties of dates all grown on our property, bite into our delectable date cake, date cookies, date bread all baked fresh daily in our kitchen. Above all, you must try our famous date shake.

Oasis Date GardensThe true highlight at Oasis is the date shake. The ice cream concoction showcases the sweet vanilla caramel flavor of the dates. Be a traditionalist and get the original, or get creative and add other flavors like peanut butter, mango, chocolate or blueberries.

Within the store there is a large selection of dried fruits, nuts, honey, jams and jellies and even southwestern gifts. More importantly you can grab mouthwatering dates to take home and enjoy at your leisure. There are 16 varieties to choose from and specials are featured monthly. You can purchase 2lbs; 4lbs; 5lbs and 11lbs in single variety packs or mix it up to make a combo item.

Oasis Date Gardens Even more than an eating experience you will leave with a little history of the Oasis Ranch. You will be able to see firsthand the ranch itself and walk out into our patio to see the luscious date trees in their full glory.


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