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Oasis Date Gardens is Saying YES to Unbelievably UNBOUND Snacking!

"We’re happy to announce that we have begun to branch out in a new direction by sharing the fruits of our labor with Unbound Snacks and their line of curiously craveable Walnuts."

California Walnuts
Outbound Snacks Title

When you take an unbound approach to taste and ingredients, the possibilities are endless. This fun new approach to snacking derives from their adventurous desire to always try new things as they seek to make their California-grown walnuts as craveable (and nutritious) as possible. After all, snacking shouldn’t stand still—especially not for anyone with spirit, appetite, and an UNBOUND sense of wonder.Family eating UNBOUND walnuts

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Together we’re breaking walnuts out of their shell so that we can properly re-introduce you to this can’t-stop-won’t-stop superfood. Packing a punch with plant-based protein and omega 3 ALAs, we’re unleashing inspired flavors on walnuts. With Unbound Snacks you can SEIZE THE SNACK AND SAVOR THE DAY -spicy or sweet they deliver unparalleled nutrition and unforgettable tastes.Children eating UNBOUND walnuts


Spicy or sweet Unbound Snacks delivers unparalleled nutrition
and unforgettable tastes.


The decision for more responsible and healthier snacking can be difficult, so we are working with Unbound to put a zip in your step and give your palate a taste of adventure!

From tree-to-table, we are working to Unleash your snacking satisfaction. These resealable 5oz pouches are perfect for anyone who’s always on the go and constantly craving intensity from their snacks!

“Unbound Snacks is a registered trademark of Smart Snacks LLC, Yuba City CA”

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