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Thoory Dates

Thoory dates are often referred to as the "bread date" because of their firm, pastry-like texture. This dry date has a semi-sweet, peanut-like nutty flavor. Similar to cashews but all the health benefits of dates!

Customer Reviews

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Scott Jones

For a lesser sweet date, which is on the dry side, in the direction of starch without quite being starch, this is prime,… my favorite,… and also another favorite: fresh Deglet Noor dates, because, again, have a lesser sweet essence about them,.. a bit of a nuttyness in the flavor balance. Eat in moderation, don't over do it, as with any good.

Hello Scott, We really appreciate you taking the time to share your rating with us and we love to hear that you have enjoyed the crunchy Thoory Dates.
We look forward to helping you again soon!
The Oasis Date Gardens Team.

Scott Jones

Oasis Thoory dates are excellent, I like them because they’re less sweet and nicely chewy, compared to most dates.

Thank you for the kind rating, Scott! We’re so happy to hear that you have enjoyed our delectable Thoory Dates!
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svevo brooks

I carry a few thoory dates in my pocket when I travel. Also add them to batter when I make bread.

Wonderful food with just the right amount of sweetness.

Thank you Oasis for an exceptional product.

Thank you for the fantastic review Svevo Brooks! We loved being of service to you and we loved that you enjoyed the THOORY dates.

Judith Diamond

Love these. And they last nearly forever in the freezer so I never run out.

Thank you so much for your review! We are so happy to hear that you are enjoying your Thoory Dates!!!

Michael Bonanno

Thoory’s are now a staple variety for me. They really do taste similar to a semi-sweet cashew. Extremely versatile and great for regular consumption due to their mild sweetness. This is one of the only varieties I can eat quite a few of at a time because they aren’t too sweet or candy-like. They provide me with very clean energy without a noticeable sugar rush. These make for a date that are easy to eat on a near daily basis or even travel with to keep as a snack. A long hike comes to mind. I have a feeling they’ll keep exceptionally well in storage due to them being the driest variety and really are quite hard for a dried fruit. Very nut-like in appearance and firmness. They threw me off at first but after giving them a chance, I absolutely love them and will need to buy a bulk amount in the future! Just awesome. A very pleasant surprise.

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