Yellow Khalal Barhi Dates


Khalal Description

The Khalal stage is ONLY harvested and shipped in August. It is the first edible stage of Barhi Dates, at which the fruit reaches maximum weight and size and has low moisture making the fruit crispy, sweet, with a bright yellow color.


The taste of yellow Barhi dates has often been compared to apples, coconut, and sugarcane. Experience the subtly sweet and fresh flavors with each crunchy bite of this wholesome snack in its early Khalal stage.

 Storage Recommendations

Khalal Barhi dates are shipped attached to their vine, and over time turn a brownish color as they ripen, becoming soft and chewy with a thin crisp outer skin. We recommend storing the fruit in cool refrigerated temperatures.

 Shipping of Orders

All Khalal Barhi orders are shipped in August. The ship date is to be determined due to the nature of this fresh item. Orders to California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, and Texas can be shipped via UPS Ground. We strongly recommend orders to all other states be shipped via UPS air services (3Day, 2nd Day, Overnight) to maintain product integrity and ensure the product arrives in good condition.

 Perishable Item Policy

Freshly harvested dates are perishable. All sales are final and non-refundable.