Reason #3: Healthy New Year's Resolution

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Have you given thought to your New Year's Resolution?

The New Year offers a blank slate — an opportunity to get things right. Most of us want to learn a new skill or hobby, save money or spend less, spend more time with family and friends or travel, but one thing we all have in common is our desire to feel good physically and live a long and healthy life. 
We have found 5 ways that dates can help you achieve your healthy New Year goals.
Date Heart

5 Ways To Incorporate Dates Into Your Diet

#1. Drink Them

Date Shake
Dates make a great addition to a smoothie or shake and are a perfect natural sweetener! Try using the Halawy Date known for its sweet and caramel-candy flavor.

#2. Stuff Them

Stuffed Dates

Dates can be stuffed with just about anything! Cream cheese, chocolate, almond butter, and even goat cheese. The best stuffing date is the plump Large Medjool Date. Just don't forget to remove the pit!

#3. Bake Them

Date Bread
Bake healthier and swap sugar for dates! Dates will add texture to any baked goodie while enhancing the flavor with their sweet, caramel-like taste. Bakers prefer using the Zahidi Date due to its semi-dry texture and smooth sweet taste.

#4. Chop Them

Chopped Dates
Running out of topping ideas? Chop up some dates and sprinkle them over salads, oatmeal, ice-cream, bagels, or yogurt. Check out our popular all-purpose Diced Dates. There is no limit to what you can do with them!

#5. Snack on Them

Deglet Dates
Dates are the perfect go to when you're craving something sweet and tasty! You don't have to feel guilty about snacking on this yummy fruit as Date sugars do not turn into fat. And we've got just the snack for you. Check out our Organic Pitted Deglet Noor snack pouches.

Did You Know?

The most common resolutions for US adults are doing more exercise, losing weight, and improving their diet. Dates are a healthy fruit to include in your daily routine!

Benefits of date fruit 


Dates make a perfect pre-workout snack or post-workout fuel. Especially with their high levels of potassium, they're a great replacement for a banana after the gym, Some of the best ways to incorporate dates into your workout fueling routine are by making energy balls, protein bars, or smoothies with them.


Dates have equal parts of Glucose and Fructose. Dates don't spike your blood sugar and are a great source of quick and long-lasting energy since they contain both slow-burning fiber and easily-digested, quickly-absorbed glucose. From the moment you eat a date - the date sugar becomes fuel for the muscles!


Dates are healthy carbohydrates and an easy way to add fiber, nutrients, and antioxidants into your diet. Antioxidants in Dates make the difference, as Date sugars do not turn into fat. Add them to your favorite salad, oatmeal, shake or dessert. Dates are a healthy sugar substitute that can be used cup for cup. You don't need processed sugars to be sweet!

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